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TRACE, A brand new experience of Luxe fragrances for body and home, created by scent designer and curator Tony Olsen.

Tony chose to merge his unique passion for fragrances and design, by launching trace New York, a gender-free fragrance collection derived of essential and fragrance oils. Tony’s approach to creating a fragrance is simple: “a fragrance should have depth, not be overwhelming and evolve throughout the day”. Each fragrance has been formulated by tony and hand poured in his midtown Manhattan studio.

“Fragrance reminds us of memories, helps us create new ones, is personal and should be everything you want it to be, you decide how you want to leave your trace”.


"I was looking to hire a graphic designer to help design my Logo, Business Cards and create my splash page for my soon to be website. 

As it turns out I found Mark on Yelp, and after reading such positive reviews and checking out all his wonderful work on his website, I knew Mark was the one for me. Mark is talented, professional and very patient. What I loved about working with Mark is we worked together as a team, both bringing ideas to the table. I can’t say enough positive things about Mark other than I plan on working together with him in the future (developing my website and package design). Also, I felt his pricing was very reasonable which was an added bonus."

– Tony Olsen | Trace New York

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