Zoomies NYC

“Mark Johnson made the process of building an e-commerce website and expanding our brand development such a fabulous experience! He collaborated with us and took our ideas to the next level with every section on the site as well as came to our store to fully understand our product direction.  His technical expertise, creativity, attention to detail, consistent professionalism and sense of humor allowed us to develop our site beyond our expectations. !  Mark and Bionic Egg are amazing and a rare find in this industry!”
-Susan Bartholemew, Co-Owner, Zoomies LLC

Zoomies is a fashion-forward, modern pet boutique in New York City with celebrity clientele and customers who expect only the best. You’ve envied the dog’s life, now envy his threads. You’ll find this West Village store so chic, you might not realize it’s for canine clientele (but ChouChou, the store’s Yorkie mascot, will probably clue you in).

Zoomies features its own line of pet beds, accessories, and elegant but functional apparel. Geek out over the water-repellent nylon raincoats with moisture wicking, the all-weather polyurethane jackets lined with fleece and the mix-and-match collars (all in bright colors, and all machine washable). And don’t miss the fabulous biscuit bar, with 15 styles of all-natural treats.

They wanted a website that set them apart from other pet boutiques – something that reflected the whimsical feel of their flagship store. Working closely with the client, we developed the color palette and playfulness of the site, Bionic Egg also branded and designed Zoomies’ all-natural product line. Zoomies has been working with Bionic Egg since 2005.


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