Worst Places To Work

Worstplacesto.work is a humerous survery based website with a comprehensive backend for the client to collect data about every company that is mentioned in a survery.  The client can login and sort information in multiple ways, including pie charts to view statistics at-a-glance.

A user comes to the site and chooses 1 of four witty answers to 8 questions, then they get a humorous animated gif with their outcome to share on social media. This survey then goes into the client’s database, creating leads to offer software to better an employer’s work environment, and give incentives to award the employees.

“The other reviewers here have pretty much said it all…Mark is responsive, pleasant, and professional. His work is clean and goes above and beyond expectations. He also sticks very closely to the project schedule, which he’ll provide you along with your quote.

My company engaged Mark to build a fun survey site with some simple back-end reporting capabilities, which he took to the next level beyond what we had envisioned to include colorful pie charts and one-click statistics. He even took our design and made it more creative, with quirky characters that switch out each time the page is refreshed.

We had originally quoted this project with a full-service digital marketing and design agency and they came back with a price that was more than triple what Mark quoted. I also believe he executed it better than they would have due to his creativity and the fun he had with our project.”

– Meredith Falb, Marketing Manager – WorkStride


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