Website Design

Hand-Crafted Consumer Brand Experiences

Brochure Website Design

Whether you are a small business looking for a brochure style website, need to pick up where another designer left off, or your new single is about to drop, we handcraft every pixel to create a balance of visuals, data, call-to-action and space.

Designing a great website means creating not just an online brand presence, but also a pleasant brand experience. Website design should be optimized around the needs of your users to identify with your brand; let’s get them to feel they belong or excited, it’s more likely they’ll become customer and champion for your brand.

Commerce Website Design

Establishing your brand’s e-commerce business, or looking to improve the performance of your current site can be a nerve wrecking experience. Bionic Egg has extensive experience in designing websites with user experience at our core, we keep your brand identity intact, re-enforcing your brand’s mission.

We’re constantly evolving our approach to web and mobile design, meeting the needs of users and the evolving devices in consumer hands. Design that encourages users to share data through unique brand experiences, turning users into long-term brand ambassadors.


Web Design services focus on the following:

  • Brand Soft Launches
  • ECommerce Website Design
  • New Product Launches
  • Landing Pages with CTA
  • QR Code > CTA > Data Imprt
  • Non-Profit | Fundraisers
  • Public Awareness Campaign
  • Data Collection Surveys
  • Author/Book Launches
  • Contest Entry Pages
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