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Voluspa Candles are renowned for excellence in package design, clean burning candle wax formulation and unparalleled fragrance blends. Voluspa products are fuelled by a love for art, fragrance & elegant illumination. Voluspa has been working with Bionic Egg since September 2003.

“Mark is simply the best. I’ve worked with dozens of creative professionals and have never been as impressed with their capabilities as I was with Mark’s. He was committed to getting the design and product as exactingly accurate to my specifications as I would have been if I was doing it myself. I felt like the whole process was professional, friendly and completely exceeded my expectations. I will work with Mark on other projects, and will recommend him to friends and colleagues as well. He was so helpful and nice, I hardly felt like it was work”

– Traci Hinkley, Owner/Creative Director

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"Their ability to synthesize a radical, novel idea in a way that most people can’t is what makes them stand out. Mark (Founder of Bionic Egg) took the idea from the limbic system, a key component to our practice, and drew a surrealist interpretation of the anatomical issue. He used a unique approach that was scientific while artistic. They created our logo brand guidelines, website and packaging."

-Traci Hinkley, Founder/Creative Director | Voluspa

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