Hop on over to the tree house by the pond and meet the Toadalees — a loving family of toads who are always up for adventure! Whether they’re going on a hidden treasure hunt or putting together a talent show, Awesome, Sunny, Lovely, Magic, Divine, Princess, Lucky and Blue always shine in their own special ways.

But this forest doesn’t just house toads, it’s also home to a comedic toucan named Alfredo and the dim-witted, but well-meaning bear Dip who lend help and advice to the Toadalees!

Beware, however, for the mischievous group of lizards Filth, Flarn and Gee who are always trying to trick the Toadalees into crossing paths with the evil King Caiman — the self-procaimed Crocodile King. Can the Toadalees leap towards their dreams? You’ll Toadalee have to tune in to see!

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