The Ciccone Collection
Brand Identity + Web Design + Development

Bionic Egg was approached by Christopher Ciccone to work on the branding & website design for his new footwear collection. Mark worked very closely with Christopher Ciccone to create a fashion brand.  After several iterations, we decided to go with a bold C to use also as buckles on the shoe collection and we designed a reindeer skull to represent “rebirth.”

The site design, we wanted the focus to be on the pieces in the collection, allowing for spacious black and white design.

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“I had seen Mark Johnson’s work on several other websites. When it came time to make my own I knew I wanted him to do it. I’ve been really happy with all the work he’s done, he’s been really attentive when it came to my opinions, and when it is time to update the site he gets right on it. He has exceeded my expectations, I would recommend Bionic Egg to anyone who wants a quality website.”

– Christopher Ciccone








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