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Perfection is an option at The Aesthetics Bar™.

You are Really Pretty and our goal at THE AESTHETICS BAR is to make sure you know it.

A stylish Injectable Beauty Bar specializing in Skin revitalization. Owned and operated by Double Board certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Steven Svehlak and his wife Wendy, The Aesthetics Bar is the perfect local spot to service all of your skincare and aesthetically improvement needs.

"Bionic Egg was incredible because they listened to exactly what I was trying to accomplish. They made the project my way but tweaked it to show how they could enhance everything based on my ideas. They were right! I worked directly with the Mark, who is amazingly efficient while also incredibly creative. He was a dream collaborator. "

– Wendy Svehlak | The Aesthetics Bar

"I initially reached out for them to help me with my branding: designing my logo, color scheme, and stationary. After that engagement, I decided I wanted them to help grow my clientele and my service offerings, as well as developing and designing my website. "

– Wendy Svehlak | The Aesthetics Bar

"Regarding the website, I reached out, and Mark (Founder & Designer) gave me several ideas to choose from as far as the look I was interested in. He’d previously helped with my branding and already had insight into what the site was supposed to look like. Then, however, he did extra research by following and looking at my Instagram and Facebook accounts. He got into my head to know exactly what I wanted, taking the ball and running with it.

He provided different options for the service menu in terms of icons that described our offerings. For example, there’s a little syringe for injectables, and when you click it, you’re taken to a page with more information on the topic.

– Wendy Svehlak | The Aesthetics Bar

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