What is Bionic Egg?

Visual Director Mark Johnson created Bionic Egg in August 2001.


Mark Johnson Founder & Designer

MARK JOHNSON’s professional journey spans the gamut of the fashion industry, brand identity, color therapy training & web design, shaping his fresh perspective on visual imprint and brand strategies. His initial experiences in advertising came about when he worked as a model for Gianni & Donatella Versace from 1997-1998.

He was first exposed to web design while serving as the Art Director for an innovative digital media project at BIG TIME PRODUCTIONS, in collaboration with MTV from 1999-2001. While working on this project, he was motivated to redesign the look, feel and navigation of MTV Latin America’s website channel.

His efforts resulted in a sleek new website UIX that enhanced the users’ experience. After the project’s successful launch, Mark immediately became a design consultant for websites of musicians and producers for Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Lady Gaga.

His undeniable knack for diagnosing pages that were cluttered, difficult to navigate, or littered with superfluous info, soon led to a number of satisfied clients.  He developed a distinct reputation for knowing exactly how to revamp and organize web pages to accentuate products and services more effectively.

Mark’s success as a branding and web design expert stems from his deep understanding of the value of a distinct brand identity and the necessity of being “set apart” in saturated markets.  His designs have been credited for elevating and breathing new life into stagnant businesses.

Mark sees websites as more than just pixels on the screen.  He considers them to be organic digital life forms; the progeny of client and creator. Mark combined his web design and branding knowledge to launch Bionic Egg in August 2001.

20 years later, Bionic Egg is still evolving, in line with the web industry advancing at breakneck speeds.  The company continues to maintain its position at the forefront of design and branding innovation.  Armed with his dynamic vision and intuition for coming trends, Mark seems to know the future of the digital space before it unfolds.



Marc Richard Tousignant Photographer

Marc Tousignant is a collaborative Fashion and Beauty Portrait photographer. Originally from Montreal Canada, Marc studied Visual Arts, he began his career as a professional model. A couple of years later he dedicated himself to his true passion, photography.

Now, with 16 years of experiences, he travels all over the world following his endeavor. Based in New York for over 10 years and recently back from Europe, his work has been featured in dozens of magazines all over the world and exclusively working with top designers. His clean esthetic approach makes him a remarkable artist. The perfect photographs play a crucial role in the success of a Bionic Egg client’s brand and/or product because so much of a website or pamphlet is grabbing the customer by their senses.

“I love beautiful images, creativity, expression, and art. I started shooting fashion, but I pride myself in being able to find beauty in anything and everything. As long as I’m working with a great team who is excited about what we’re doing I never have any doubt that the finished product will be amazing.”

Visit www.marctousignant.com


Vincent Paolo Lead Developer

VINCENT PAOLO started working for a software company in his native Barcelona, he had his eyes on Silicon Valley for quite sometime. He had studied software independently online and wanted the opportunity to learn real-world applications in Canada, and hopefully transition that experience into a full time software/development job. He enrolled in an entrepreneurship program in San Francisco in early 2009, within a few weeks of completing his certificate, he landed a job as a web developer for one of Canada’s highest regarded web development companies. After starting a family 8 years ago, Vincent took on a full time position as lead developer at Bionic Egg.


Jack Kelly Photoshop Guru

JACK KELLY has been working with Photoshop since its creation in 1991, and, since then, has worked on thousands of images, both retouching photography and creating illustrations from scratch. His projects have included everything from fashion photography to corporate brochures to web catalogs. JACK has worked on campaigns for L’Oreal, Calvin Klein, Hasbro and Blue Cross. JACK’s top-of-the-line set-up including color calibrated monitors allow for precise soft proofing while working on projects and access to high quality, overnight digital proofing takes the guesswork out of any color adjustments.

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