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Founded in 1992, Shanghai Municipal Investment formerly known as Shanghai Chengtou is the largest state-owned enterprise in Shanghai. SMI currently has two publicly listed subsidiaries as well as 11 private affiliates and subsidiaries. With more than 20,000 employees, the Company thrives in tandem with Shanghai city’s infrastructural planning, investments, constructions and operational agendas. As of the end of 2014 fiscal year, the Company has a net asset of $67.2 billion.

The centerpiece of Shanghai Municipal Investments business comprises four areas- Road & Bridges, Water, Environment, and Properties. The company is committed to its corporate philosophy of Better City, Better Life by centering investment themes on transforming and improving the life of its citizens. For more than 20 years, Shanghai Municipal Investment has served as the answer to various challenges posed by 26 million people living in Shanghai. To alleviate the infrastructural constraints, the Company has successfully executed 80 mega projects spanning from comprehensive reconstruction of the Bund to Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel and Bridge, to Qing Cao Sha Water Plant and to Sinan Mansions. In addition, the company has completed more than 2,000 sustainable projects to date and has recently finalized the cornerstone project, the Shanghai Tower. The universally acclaimed Shanghai Tower is the biggest man-made super structure in the world measured by gross floor area. Thanks to its relentless pursuit of perfection and high standards, Shanghai Municipal Investment has earned a host of international accolades and support from public and private stakeholders.


"After a complete disastrous experience with the another company, Mark from Bionic Egg came to rescue with our company's re-branding effort. Mark is very organized and broke down the work scope into three stages. Within each stage, he lays out what is being done and its time frame. As a client, I felt extremely confident in the weekly transparent schedule. The work scope eliminates any unforeseen problems that may arise over what part of the work is included.

Our company is very pleased with Mark and his team's professionalism and timeliness to make our site active. It was refreshing to see that Wordpress made customization and modification of the site so much easier. Thank you again for the wonderful job and we will be sure to hire you again for our future needs."

- Kevin Gao


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