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Sarbani New York curates high-end, ultra-modern/contemporary jewelry with a theatrical flair, with a focus on some of the finest couture jewelry from India. The platform they have created for India’s visionary designers to display and sell their work encompasses a range of artists, from new-gen to mature designers. Quite well-known in India and throughout S.E. Asia, these designers are still relatively unknown in the U.S. It is Sarbani’s mission to change that.

While the Sarbani New York platform gives Indian designers wider exposure, it also provides U.S customers with a fresh, exciting, world-class approach to jewelry and accessories, with exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces. These textured and sculptural pieces subtly suggest a bygone era, boast a modern aesthetics and hint at future art forms. Whether your search is for every-day wear or a statement piece, let Sarbani adorn you with the elegant art of modern India.

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"Mark has been nothing short of amazing. I used Bionic Egg to build my website and he held my hand every step of the way. His knowledge extends far beyond the basics of web design. He's offered guidance in several other areas (SEO, marketing, POS software, branding, etc.) and prevented me from making several rookie mistakes. His interest in seeing me succeed is sincere and his honesty is refreshing. I'd refer Mark & his team to anyone looking for design work. He's as good as it gets.”

- Sarbani Bedi, Founder | Sarbani New York

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