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Reel Point is an American brand located on Shelter Island, NY. They are the proud makers of the best looking, longest lasting cotton-weave belts on the market. Using only premium cotton, full-grain leather, and solid brass, they make belts of exceptional quality and they make them right here in the USA.

DESIGN: Bionic Egg designed the brand identity, brand collateral.

PHOTOGRAPHY: We created the golfing and yachting campaign, photographed by Marc Tousignant for Reel Point’s Catalogs, Trade Shows and Retail Stores Displays.

Reel Point was acquired by J.T. Spencer in 2018, once a competitor,  now one of the largest custom weave belt company on the East Coast.

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“I don’t know if Mark Johnson is actually bionic, but he’s fantastic at branding and website development. Mark immediately grasped the intangible feel we wanted for our brand and our site and he came back with really awesome fresh and unique concepts. Mark delivered an outstanding product, within our budget and within our timeframe, but way beyond our expectations. I highly recommend Bionic Egg to anyone who is building a website or needs help with branding!”

- Suzanne Wilitus, Co-Founder | Reel Point


Reel Point Shelter Island


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