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Dr. Emily McPherson came to Bionic Egg with a new product she wanted to create a brand name, logo design, brand collateral, packaging design, and E-commerce website. Bionic Egg worked closely with Emily to bring her branding and web design ideas to life with our full-service package, together we created NozAid®.

Dry nasal passages are the worst. They leave you feeling uncomfortable, distracted, prone to colds, and result in embarrassing nosebleeds. Don’t lose any more sleep over your poor nose. NozAid lubricates your nasal passages, supporting your nose’s natural moisture barrier, leaving you feeling protected and comfortable. NozAid was designed with your nose in mind.


"I knew I wanted to work with Mark from our very first conversation. He is extremely professional, a pleasure to partner with, very hard working and finds a solution to your every need. I hired Bionic Egg for the branding, website design, packaging, and SEO for my product NozAid and I couldn't be more satisfied with how everything has and is turning out. There are lots of companies that offer the same services but this entire process of bringing your ideas to life is very intimate so it would behoove you to work with someone you enjoy communicating with and someone you can truly trust. I got a great vibe from Mark from the start and he's been amazing through and through. Thank you, Mark!"

- Dr. Emily McPherson| NozAid

noazaid bottle and cap

Nozaid packaging


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