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Novis Living, LLC is a team of dedicated individuals with a passion for fostering sustainable communities. Their vision is to develop and create healthy homes that will allow residents to live and thrive in communities of their choice. We work thoughtfully and strategically to maximize value for all stakeholders — including residents, nonprofit partners, government agencies, investors, and neighbors. We improve communities to make them more enjoyable, modern and convenient for families and seniors. We never forget that for our residents, their community is more than a project- it’s their home. We believe in tailoring the process and economics of a project to meet the needs of the transaction.

Making a community with a passion for the creation of beautiful, affordable and outstanding living spaces that provide a new sense of space and belonging.

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"From design to copy to SEO to marketing, their experience and capabilities were extensive. In addition as mentioned above the individualized attention we received as well as the quick response times really all add up to put Bionic Egg in a category all their own. Mark was very easy to work with and was extremely responsive throughout the process. We were completely blown away by his through dedication to our project."

- Asher Toporovcky | Principle, Novis Living, LLC

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