Indossa is a new jewelry company created by Christina Mancini. More information as the new company develops.

Indossa is Italian: to wear he or she wears

The client wanted to capture silver jewelry, but leave the brand open to gold and precious stones.  We created a distinctive wordmark that can be translated for all packaging and print work, from the long diamond shape, as well as the silver and gold blend.  The I in INDOSSA is the same angled edges as the elongated diamond.


"From working with Mark and Bionic Egg, I now have the perfect logo for my new business.  Together we came up with a logo that is modern, sleek and recognizable.  Mark was flexible during the entire process while I flip-flopped between ideas and wanted to test out numerous design concepts.  I'm very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Mark and Bionic Egg!"

- Christina Mancini, Founder | Indossa

INDOSSA Brand Guidelines


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