How we work at Bionic Egg

Project flow

+ 1. Incubate

Before we begin discovery or research, clients fill out Project DNA & Brand DNA Forms. We review the DNA internally, set up a date and time to discuss the project with you, and delve as much to build a rapport as to glean pertinent info from you.

We guide you through the process of identifying the target demographic as specifically as possible.  We will brainstorm brand names, design style, colors, icon elements and images that will appeal to your brand’s target audience.

+ 2. Brand Identity Design

What’s the look? We provide you with sketches of several logo ideas to get started.  The process of getting the logo to the perfect shape is easy, with back and forth emails, zoom calls, etc.

We will walk you through the color process, providing mock ups of your logo on several media types, whether billboard, business card, or in office sign.

+ 3. Digital & Print Collateral

You gotta see it.  Upon completion of the logo, we will begin the design of your social media profiles and print materials.  Print materials include business cards, envelopes, letterhead, hang tags and retail signage.

+ 4. Brand Messaging

Let us help tell your story.  We will work with you to create your mission statement, write content about your product or services as well as bios of team members.

+ 5. Website Design

What goes where? We mock up several possible layouts with contrasting ‘look & feel’ formats. We preserve all the elements the client likes most and combine them into a ‘hybrid’ layout. Once approved, we incorporate the finalized look & feel layout into the design of each inner page of the site.

+ 6. Home Page Prototyping

It’s playtime! After we have completed the Home Page design we start the coding of the prototype.  The home page prototype will allow you to see your home page in working order to test for UX (User Experience) across all devices.

+ 7. HTML Development

Get to coding! Once the individual pages are approved, html conversion is initiated, and the site is assessed with the client on a beta link. We iron out any kinks until the user experience is fluid and well balanced. Then, each page is meticulously gone over with a fine tooth comb to correct any niggling bits or wayward pixels.

+ 8. CMS Development

You have control! Next, we set up a Content Management System that allows the client to update and modify all aspects of the webpage; including new page additions (from templates we provide), copy/image updates, and press/news article publishing (live within 1-2 minutes). Native photo cropping tools are provided to easily create clean, evenly set thumbnails of any accompanying images.

This process usually takes 3-4 weeks to complete, including revisions.

The entire web design process requires about 2 months from conception to launch. Naturally, a smaller, straightforward site design will require less time than one implementing heavy database work, like membership programs, site generated user statistics, and e-commerce features.

+ 9. SEO Implementation

How will they find you?! Finally, we make sure that your site is listed on all search engines (e.g. Google, Bing!, Yahoo!) and is associated with all the keywords potential customers may enter. Also, we devise a plan to amplify your website’s visibility over time, keeping up to speed with changing search algorithms and keeping ahead of competing websites. Our optimization and maintenance efforts will keep your site ranking above your competitors.

This process usually takes 6 weeks to complete the first month, then 2 consecutive months afterwards, if this is your first time implementing SEO on your site.

If your website is already optimized, then the process takes 1 month, we recommend 3 months minimum for optimal results.

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