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The brand epitomizes opulence while remaining steadfastly committed to ethical values. At the heart of our brand ethos lies an unwavering dedication to responsible choices. Our product stands as a testament to the pursuit of excellence and conscientiousness in the world of skincare. Designed with the discerning consumer in mind, "Don’t Get Mad Get Even" resonates with the ideals of veganism, cruelty-free practices, and sustainability.

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"What I found most impressive about Bionic Egg, is their creativity and experience with product launching and website setup and other logistics. Helped create not only a timeline but which practicals needed to addresed first. Very helpful for first time product launch."

– Emily Mishkan | Mishkan Pharmaceuticals

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"Everything delivered on time. They were easy to communicate with and open to ideas or issues that would come up. Also very helpful in eliminating problems and finding simple solutions for a small business with little assets. Product was trademarked and approved on multiple websites/ platforms. Website was completed quickly and associated with shipping logistics."

– Emily Mishkan | Mishkan Pharmaceuticals

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