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LAUNCHING Fall 2024!

Flavordent® is a NEW toothpaste for kids, invented by a Dentist/Dad who knows the secret to healthy teeth is making brushing a fun activity.  What makes this 100% natural kid’s toothpaste unique, is the secret ingredient, Nano Hydroxyapatite.

In 1970, the first synthetic form of Hydroxyapatite was created by NASA® to help restore teeth and bone loss by astronauts following gravity-free environment missions.

Bionic Egg came up with the name Flavordent, based on research on brand names, not only of competitors, but of all industries guaranteeing trademarking, domain name, and social media identities.  We created and trademarked 2 flavor names, Vanilla Cookie Pie® & Berry Juicy Gumball®, Smile Defender Nano Hydroxyapatite® among several other trademark names that deliver brand messaging on the packaging.

Welcome to the new world of Flavordent!

"We've been impressed with the good working relationship with the team and we're always excited to see the updates about the project. Furthermore, Mark is great to work with, and he’s passionate about what he does. He’s also timely, and he always exceeds our expectations."

- Founder | Flavordent

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