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A celebration of ‘‘poetic eroticism’, a sensuous interpretation of the spoken word, offering storytelling experiences for those wishing to connect with themselves and others in a shared intimate voyeuristic experience.

Our charismatic storyteller will guide you into a ceremonious yet suspenseful journey of erotic fetish stories. While both elegant & daring, this theatrical culinary experience will find our guests enjoying a savory four-course fare throughout the length of the story. Duane Park’s sophisticated pied-a-terre will create a cocoon where you as our guest can feel serene, while being exposed to different fetishes often viewed as taboo. Our goal is to harness all of the senses, transporting you to a most unforgettable escape.

COCOON presents REFLECTIONS – Art of contemporary rope bondage

"Bionic Egg was able to raise us to another level in terms of how people see us as professional producers. Mark was great at figuring out what it is that we’re looking for. After giving rough guidelines, he gave us good options very quickly. He always understands what we’re thinking. "

— Inka Nevala | Cocoon

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