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Here at Bionic Egg, we know it can be next to impossible for a newly formed business to balance high impact web design while also trying to bounce back from a tough financial quarter. That’s why we’re here to help! We help clients of all shapes and sizes refine their web presence and create remarkable brands. We’re on top of the industry’s latest and greatest trends that we’re happy to implement for your site. With creativity and branding best practices in mind, we’ll make sure your website stands out against the crowd! 

In recognition of our success and impact, we’ve been listed as a top web design agency in New York by The Manifest, a B2B business data and how-to guide resource. Their platform includes top companies along with their performance against crucial business statistics. 


Ereka Vetriniferencomm responsive design bionic egg Sunset Cosmetic Surgery Website-Design and Development 2020 Susan Bender Designs Responsive Layout Display Bionic Egg Limbic Medical Responsive Website Design by Bionic Egg Design 2020


In addition to The Manifest, we’ve also received praise from our Clients via Clutch, a B2B market research firm. Take a look at excerpts from reviews left on our Clutch profile below: 

“Mark is deeply committed to customer satisfaction as much as he is the design component of his business. There is no hour of the day or day of the week where we felt we couldn’t reach out with a question or a comment.” 

– President & CEO, Entertainment PR Firm

“The quality of the work speaks for itself. All of the materials are amazing from a loading speed and responsiveness perspective, but the real metric of success can be seen in the design and creative aspects. Everyone who looks at the work is floored and finds it beautiful. Friends of mine and branding professionals have remarked on it as world-class work. Mark nailed it and did an amazing job. The drawing was uplifting but had gravitas—it was amazing.” 

– Founder, Medical Practice 

“Mark is a hard worker with an amazing design sense.  His web designs are creative, clean, user-friendly and beautifully laid out. I appreciate his insight and believe he created a site that will help me stand out in my very competitive industry. He immediately understood my goals and requirements, but then took the concept to the next level.”

 – Lifestyle Expert, Lifestyle Brand 


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