NYC Intercept

NYC Intercept is a company based in New York that offers trained interviewers and marketing professionals, located throughout the tri-state area.  They have conducted thousands of in-depth personal interviews with various hard-to-reach-segments, including a variety of races, nationalities, medical conditions and languages spoken.

And if you need to conduct executive level interviews, they have a team of retired executives and business professionals who are available to interview any senior level executive, either in-person or over the phone.  In addition to conducting surveys, their street team can support your marketing efforts throughout the area.


Paleonola is a 100% all natural, grain free, granola company.  Paleonola came to us needing a major redesign, as their brand message was not being conveyed on their site at the time.

With budget constraints, there was no room for a brand lifestyle photo shoot. Bionic Egg scoured the web in search of a photo that would convey the brand after we found the perfect image, we put the client in direct contact with the photographer to negotiate exclusive rights to the image, saving the client thousands of dollars on production.


Viverano came to Bionic Egg, looking for a brand indentity and a website. They expressed they wanted the colors to be soothing and a logo that looks high-end.

VIVERANO products are infused with love and comfort; they are designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, and turn your home into a natural retreat. We hope our products contribute to a healthy and happy planet.

Highbrow Hound

Highbrow hound has been created to offer the latest in luxury coats for the fashion forward dog. Not only does Highbrow Hound use the highest quality fabrics, the attention to detailed is second to none! All of the coats are made in the USA and 100% of the profits go to animal related charities.

Highbrow Hounds goal is to make your dog fun, fashionable and fabulous, all for a great cause. The charities they support are:

Canine Companions for Independence

Pets Are Loving Support

The Humane Society of New York

Eric Bean Photography

Eric Bean was born and raised in upstate New York, and now lives and works in NYC. From his Union Square studio he has created many memorable fashion and still life images, such as Marilyn Monroe’s sparkling ruby stiletto, for a worldwide advertising campaign for Salvatore Ferragamo. Eric has worked closely with such prestigious and demanding clients as Harry Winston Jewelers, Avon Products, and Disney.

He continues to deliver compelling images, through his mastery of light and composition, for large fashion companies and small “undiscovered” designers.