Sunset Cosmetic Surgery

“We are very excited to launch the new brand identity and website for Sunset Cosmetic Surgery!” said Dr. Dan Yamini, Co-Founder/Plastic Surgeon. Serving Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, plastic surgery specialists Dr. Svehlak and Dr. Yamini work with women and men seeking a change in their confidence & beauty. Specializing in Cosmetic Surgery Services for Breast Augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lifts, Face Lifts, Mommy Makeovers, and even Daddy Do-Overs, Sunset Cosmetic Surgery is the “Go-To” for Women and Men that want to feel and look their best.

Sunset Cosmetic Surgery came to Bionic Egg to re-imagine their branding and reflect the elevated luxury services and products that SCS has to offer. Bionic Egg worked with the Sunset Team, revamping the SUNSET Brand Identity, In-Print, Brand Look & Feel, Web Design, and Web Development.

Novis Living, LLC

Novis Living, LLC is a team of dedicated individuals with a passion for fostering sustainable communities. Their vision is to develop and create healthy homes that will allow residents to live and thrive in communities of their choice. We work thoughtfully and strategically to maximize value for all stakeholders — including residents, nonprofit partners, government agencies, investors, and neighbors. We improve communities to make them more enjoyable, modern and convenient for families and seniors. We never forget that for our residents, their community is more than a project- it’s their home. We believe in tailoring the process and economics of a project to meet the needs of the transaction.

Making a community with a passion for the creation of beautiful, affordable and outstanding living spaces that provide a new sense of space and belonging.

Lantern Company

We are proud to work with best in class owners, tenants and capital providers across all asset classes throughout the United States and internationally.

Whether strategic investments or special situations, our clients rely on us to provide capital and value when and where it matters most. We are proud to deploy proprietary capital alongside fellow property owners and entrepreneurs, aligning our interests through true partnership.

Empire State of Wine®

Empire State of Wine, a modern wine retail experience, opened its doors earlier November 2017 in New York City’s Flat Iron District, at 111 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011. Its ambiance pulls in the streets of New York with an industrial influence, along with lively hues, exposed racks, and stacked shipping containers to heighten the decor. The playlist and vibe are emblematic of the colorful people that inhabit the city.

With the majority of products sourced from personal winery relationships and cleared through service companies, owner Eddy Le Garrec is able to offer a hand-selected array of award-winning wines that significantly over-deliver on price. The winery-direct model allows Empire State of Wine to pass on savings to its customers, while the critically acclaimed and curated selection makes for a simplified shopping experience.

“I wanted to bring a different experience to New York City,” states founder Eddy Le Garrec. “I saw a market where consumers not only wanted to purchase great products but also learn about them at the same time.”

Bionic Egg trademarked EMPIRE STATE OF WINE® as well as the new wine brand STRAIGHT OUTTA®.

The Aesthetics Bar™

Perfection is an option at The Aesthetics Bar™.

You are Really Pretty and our goal at THE AESTHETICS BAR is to make sure you know it.

A stylish Injectable Beauty Bar specializing in Skin revitalization. Owned and operated by Double Board certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Steven Svehlak and his wife Wendy, The Aesthetics Bar is the perfect local spot to service all of your skincare and aesthetically improvement needs.


A celebration of ‘‘poetic eroticism’, a sensuous interpretation of the spoken word, offering storytelling experiences for those wishing to connect with themselves and others in a shared intimate voyeuristic experience.

Our charismatic storyteller will guide you into a ceremonious yet suspenseful journey of erotic fetish stories. While both elegant & daring, this theatrical culinary experience will find our guests enjoying a savory four-course fare throughout the length of the story. Duane Park’s sophisticated pied-a-terre will create a cocoon where you as our guest can feel serene, while being exposed to different fetishes often viewed as taboo. Our goal is to harness all of the senses, transporting you to a most unforgettable escape.

COCOON presents REFLECTIONS – Art of contemporary rope bondage

Voluspa Candles

Voluspa Candles are renowned for excellence in package design, clean burning candle wax formulation and unparalleled fragrance blends. Voluspa products are fuelled by a love for art, fragrance & elegant illumination. Voluspa has been working with Bionic Egg since September 2003.

“I’ve worked with dozens of creative professionals and have never been as impressed with their capabilities as I was with Mark’s. He was committed to getting the design and product as exactingly accurate to my specifications as I would have been if I was doing it myself. I felt like the whole process was professional, friendly and completely exceeded my expectations. I will work with Mark on other projects, and will recommend him to friends and colleagues as well. He was so helpful and nice, I hardly felt like it was work”

– Traci Hinkley, Owner/Creative Director


Flavordent® is a NEW toothpaste for kids, invented by a Dentist/Dad who knows the secret to healthy teeth is making brushing a fun activity.  What makes this 100% natural kid’s toothpaste unique, is the secret ingredient, Nano Hydroxyapatite.

In 1970, the first synthetic form of Hydroxyapatite was created by NASA® to help restore teeth and bone loss by astronauts following gravity-free environment missions.

Bionic Egg came up with the name Flavordent , based on research on brand names, not only of competitors, but of all industries guaranteeing trademarking, domain name, and social media identities.  We created and trademarked 2 flavor names, Vanilla Cookie Pie® & Berry Juicy Gumball (TM), Smile Defender Nano Hydroxyapatite® among several other trademark names that deliver brand messaging on the packaging.

Welcome to the new world of Flavordent!

Susan Bender NYC

Susan Bender came to Bionic Egg after having difficulty with a few designers that did not quite “get it”.  Bionic Egg refined her long-standing branding with a cleaner sleeker look, without losing the identity she had worked so hard to create several years ago.

When you put on a Susan Bender stretch leather jacket, it should feel like it was made just for you. Each piece, both luxurious and comfortable, is designed to seamlessly blend into any wardrobe, elevating the wearer’s style. Made 100% in NYC.