Vanessa Skin Care


A pure, clean, all-natural, preservative free, hand crafted, vegan skin care line whose formulation is guided by the concept of coevolution.

Vanessa Skin Care’s mission is to provide healthy, effective skin care and wellness products that enhance holistic health and improve the overall lifestyles of clients through education and leading by example. Our commitment to organic, vegan skin care products is evident in our hand-made, cruelty-free products that use only organic natural ingredients sourced from around the world. We prioritize natural and beneficial ingredients for the skin and believe that organic, vegan skin care products are superior to those that use fillers and inexpensive chemicals.

Martin Jobes Design

Martin Jobes Design came to Bionic Egg for brand and website revamp.  MJD is a full-service design firm for social and corporate events.  They are committed to providing personal attention and creative solutions for their clients. They provide the following customized services: floral design, floorplans, custom prop design and fabrication, lighting design/direction and custom linen/drapes.

Bionic Egg updated their branding with a clean modern design and a full content management system driven site, that is visually stunning and allows MJD to update their images within seconds after an event.

Rivers Environmental, LLC

Rivers Environmental, LLC is a specialty waste servicing company providing effective, efficient, and comprehensive waste assessment, removal, treatment, recycling, and disposal services in strict compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and guidelines.  We help our customers manage, treat, and dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous materials and ensure that waste management services are systematic, clean-ups are complete, compliance is fully documented, and peace of mind is constant.

Flawless Brow Design

Welcome to the new generation of permanent makeup.

Business owner Amy Levy has been a professional makeup artist in the UK and NYC for over ten years doing red carpets, London fashion week, production work, weddings, working with celebrities, high-profile private clientele as well as “everyday” women. Her ability to create the perfect brow for each face led to a couple of her clients urging her to look into doing semi-permanent makeup. She heeded their requests and apprenticed under Industry Pioneer Julie Zu in London before coming to NYC in 2012.

Amy is known for having a keen eye in bringing out the best in her client’s natural beauty without masking it. The most discriminating clients have found that they can trust Amy so she has gained a loyal following in London and New York. Her clientele includes public models such as news anchors, models, and everyday women who just want to look their best and save time every morning. Amy is known for being warm, down-to-earth and for being able to make her clients feel at ease.


Indossa is a new jewelry company created by Christina Mancini. More information as the new company develops.

Indossa is Italian: to wear he or she wears

The client wanted to capture silver jewelry, but leave the brand open to gold and precious stones.  We created a distinctive wordmark that can be translated for all packaging and print work, from the long diamond shape, as well as the silver and gold blend.  The I in INDOSSA is the same angled edges as the elongated diamond.

BridgeCap Consulting

Website design + development for BridgeCap Consulting. BridgCap is a New York solutions based company that works with business owners/managers to fix what is holding their business back from growth and more importantly, fixing what is failing. BridgeCap is a leadership and organizational development firm helping top management create breakthrough strategies, strengthen operations, and build a more resilient business.

2101 Records + JLO

The mastermind behind 2101 Records, RedOne is a Moroccan-Swedish producer, songwriter, and music executive now based in the United States.

Bionic Egg has been working with RedOne Productions since 2011.

As a producer and songwriter, he has worked with many high profile recording artists, most notably Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, Mariah Carey, Paulina Rubio, Mylène Farmer and Alexandra Burke. His production discography boasts many Billboard and international hits, which he produced and co-wrote. RedOne has established his own record label named 2101 Records as a joint venture with Universal Music Group. RedOne has been nominated for six Grammy awards, winning two. In 2009, he was the number one producer on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, ranking number three as a songwriter. Commonly, he produces pop, dance, Eurodance, house genres.

Wilutis Hand Therapy

Wilutis Hand Therapy came to Bionic Egg with a need to rebrand the company’s image and re-imagine their website.  Their current site was not engaging and lacked an identity.  We created a color palette and image that would evoke a “lift” on the user when they receive a business card, or visit the website.  Using bright uplifting colors and inspired by Davinci’s Vitruvian Man, Bionic Egg came up with a timeless logo that is versatile on print and web alike.