A Memoir of Love and Secrets, Mothers and Daughters
New York Times Bestseller by Mary Pflum Peterson

In this riveting, poignant memoir of three generations of women and the white dresses that adorned them—television producer Mary Pflum Peterson recounts a journey through loss and redemption, and her battle to rescue her mother, a former nun, from compulsive hoarding.

As a successful television journalist at Good Morning America, Mary Pflum is known as a polished and highly organized producer. It’s a persona at odds with her tortured childhood, where she watched her emotionally vulnerable mother fill their house with teetering piles of assorted “treasures.” But one thing has always united mother and daughter—their love of white dresses. From the dress worn by Mary’s mother when she became a nun and married Jesus, to the wedding gown she donned years later, to the special nightshirts she gifted Mary after the birth of her children, to graduation dresses and christening gowns, these white dresses embodied hope and new beginnings.


The PPL Events
PPL Events, Inc sets itself apart by going above and beyond the capabilities of an experiential marketing firm. We create long-lasting partnerships with our clients and build value through our services by diligent account management, team development, competitive pricing, open communication, flexibility, and dependability.

Bionic Egg designed and developed a website for The PPL Events using WordPress, where users could learn about the agency’s services. The site’s web pages includes a slick design and interactive features.



Flavordent® is a NEW toothpaste for kids, invented by a Dentist/Dad who knows the secret to healthy teeth is making brushing a fun activity.  What makes this 100% natural kid’s toothpaste unique, is the secret ingredient, Nano Hydroxyapatite.

In 1970, the first synthetic form of Hydroxyapatite was created by NASA® to help restore teeth and bone loss by astronauts following gravity-free environment missions.

Bionic Egg came up with the name Flavordent, based on research on brand names, not only of competitors, but of all industries guaranteeing trademarking, domain name, and social media identities.  We created and trademarked 2 flavor names, Vanilla Cookie Pie® & Berry Juicy Gumball®, Smile Defender Nano Hydroxyapatite® among several other trademark names that deliver brand messaging on the packaging.

Welcome to the new world of Flavordent!


Ereka Vetrini came to Bionic Egg with an informative and fun “BeYOUtifulmoms” blog, that she wanted to combine with her personal website. Bionic Egg worked closely with Ereka to create her own brand.

Ereka Vetrini is a TV Host, Lifestyle Expert, Brand Spokesperson, Producer, Blogger and proud mom of two who got her start on Donald Trump‘s “The Apprentice” season 1.

Ereka is currently the host of Lifetime’s Access Health. Access Health brings you the latest cutting-edge developments and innovations in medicine, nutrition and fitness, so women everywhere can take charge of their health starting today!

She is also a regular contributor to NBC’s 1st Look and NY Live. As an on-air correspondent for NBC she covers the hottest spots to dine, travel and shop! Ereka was previously the host of TLC Sunday Brunch where she brought you the very best brunch & cocktail recipes, styling tips and so much more!

Starfish Cafe

Starfish Cafe is Dedicated to Quality – You care about what you eat. So do we. We pride ourselves on providing unprocessed food, juices, and smoothies with no fillers. We work with local bakeries to source the freshest, highest quality offerings.

Breakfast and More – We offer a wide variety of hot and iced drinks, we also provide beach box lunch, and to go options. So whether you’re stopping by or calling in for your morning coffee, breakfast, lunch, juice, smoothie bowl or dinner, we’ve got you covered!

Kids Menu – Sunny days guarantee that our patio will be full of guests enjoying a drink or meal. We also offer comfortable seating inside our air-conditioned cafe with free wifi and plenty of outlets!

Ascent Decisions

Based out of Manhattan, Ascent Decisions is best defined as multidisciplinary coaching, consulting, and education model. It is designed for individuals who traditionally made decisions towards growth, and for one reason or another, now seem more inclined to make decisions out of fear. These individuals feel stuck, directionless, on the defensive, and have significant difficultly making decisions. Ascent Decisions programming is based on empirically tested proven methods to help clients regain a sense of cognitive, physical, and emotional agility.


Take a trip back to the decade that made a generation boom. It was a time when innocence was lost, love and war were at odds and people were born to be wild, giving rise to some of the most unbelievable movements in history and now the most unforgettable new musical to hit New York in years. In one evening, you’ll experience it all over again in TRIP OF LOVE, the all-new all-song-and-dance show about a young girl’s journey down the rabbit hole and up to an ultimate musical high.

Bionic Egg has been working with TOL since 2008, creating graphics used on the Playbill for the new musical, promotional material, and the websites.


Bionic Egg has been collaborating with Brandon Jameson on several projects over the past 13 years.  Photographer/director Brandon Jameson has produced award-winning still and motion imagery for advertising and editorial clients, worldwide for over a decade.

Brandon honed his unique approach to storytelling under the tutelage of legendary auteurs David Bailey, Richard Avedon, Francesco Scavullo and Lord Snowden. His films “Breathe”, “A Different Light” and four seasons of PSA campaigns for PBS®, have garnered critical acclaim.

Brandon’s celebrated print and commercial campaigns have made him a proven talent and trusted creative partner for the global mega-brands CoverGirl®, Estee Lauder®, Depend®, MUFG®, IAMS® and Olay®.


Indossa is a new jewelry company created by Christina Mancini. More information as the new company develops.

Indossa is Italian: to wear he or she wears

The client wanted to capture silver jewelry, but leave the brand open to gold and precious stones.  We created a distinctive wordmark that can be translated for all packaging and print work, from the long diamond shape, as well as the silver and gold blend.  The I in INDOSSA is the same angled edges as the elongated diamond.