NozAid is a unique nasal moisturizing spray developed by Dr. Emily McPherson in order to provide an alternative to typical nose sprays and gels which evaporate quickly and damage your nasal membranes with preservatives. NozAid is derived from 100% pharmaceutical grade sesame oil which lubricates your nasal passages, supporting your nose’s natural moisture barrier, leaving you feeling protected and comfortable.


Indossa is a new jewelry company created by Christina Mancini. More information as the new company develops.

Indossa is Italian: to wear he or she wears

The client wanted to capture silver jewelry, but leave the brand open to gold and precious stones.  We created a distinctive wordmark that can be translated for all packaging and print work, from the long diamond shape, as well as the silver and gold blend.  The I in INDOSSA is the same angled edges as the elongated diamond.

Surf Club Hotel

Surf Club Hotel Vero Beach. The first known local resident lived in Vero Beach 15,000 years ago. Recently a carved tusk was found that depicted a Mastodon. Fast forward to the last century, the 20th century.

Vero was first settled in 1847 and the citrus industry began. The first winter residents came from the mid-west in the 1920’s and the fun started, golf, tennis, fishing, sailing, swimming in the ocean, and surfing. Moonlight parties and an abundance of wonderful nature made Vero Beach a most sought after second residence. The winter residents loved Vero, but tried to keep it a secret.

Starfish Cafe

Starfish Cafe is Dedicated to Quality – You care about what you eat. So do we. We pride ourselves on providing unprocessed food, juices, and smoothies with no fillers. We work with local bakeries to source the freshest, highest quality offerings.

Breakfast and More – We offer a wide variety of hot and iced drinks, we also provide beach box lunch, and to go options. So whether you’re stopping by or calling in for your morning coffee, breakfast, lunch, juice, smoothie bowl or dinner, we’ve got you covered!

Kids Menu – Sunny days guarantee that our patio will be full of guests enjoying a drink or meal. We also offer comfortable seating inside our air-conditioned cafe with free wifi and plenty of outlets!


Voluspa Candles are renowned for excellence in package design, clean burning candle wax formulation and unparelleled fragrance blends. Voluspa products are fuelled by a love for art, fragrance & elegant illumination. Voluspa has been working with Bionic Egg since September 2003.

“Mark is simply the best. I’ve worked with dozens of creative professionals and have never been as impressed with their capabilities as I was with Mark’s. He was committed to getting the design and product as exactingly accurate to my specifications as I would have been if I was doing it myself. I felt like the whole process was professional, friendly and completely exceeded my expectations. I will work with Mark on other projects, and will recommend him to friends and colleagues as well. He was so helpful and nice, I hardly felt like it was work”

– Traci Hinkley, Owner/Creative Director

Zoomies NYC

Zoomies is a fashion forward, modern pet boutique in New York City with celebrity clientele and customers who expect only the best. You’ve envied the dog’s life” now envy his threads. You’ll find this West Village store so chic, you might not realize it’s for canine clientele (but ChouChou, the store’s Yorkie mascot, will probably clue you in).

Zoomies features its own line of pet beds, accessories and elegant but functional apparel. Geek out over the water-repellent nylon raincoats with moisture wicking, the all-weather polyurethane jackets lined with fleece and the mix-and-match collars (all in bright colors, and all machine washable). And don’t miss the fabulous biscuit bar, with 15 styles of all-natural treats.

They wanted a website that set them apart from other pet boutiques – something that reflected the whimsical feel of their flagship store. Working closely with the client, we developed the color palette and playfulness of the site, Bionic Egg also branded and designed Zoomies’ all-natural product line. Zoomies has been working with Bionic Egg since 2005.