Brand Trademarking ®

Let us file your trademark for you. We provide support.

Trademarking your Brand

Overall, the decision whether or not to trademark your brand is one that is unique to your business. When you start a branding project with Bionic Egg, this is something that we discuss at the outset of the project. If you do decide to trademark your logo, we’re happy to handle your filing and responses to your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We process your trademark, under your personal or business name while providing the USPTO with the assets needed to secure and win your trademark case.

Why should I Trademark® my Brand?

In the crowded marketplace, trademarks help your brand image stand apart from others in your industry. A trademark makes it easier to take legal action against brands that infringe on your business name and assets.

As your business grows and establishes a name in the industry, the value of your trademarks only increases. That tangible value associated with the brand you’ve built up can facilitate a future acquisition by a larger company.

Creating Your Brand & Securing Your Trademark.


  • Research Brand Competition
  • USPTO In-Depth Searches
  • Domain Competition Research
  • Provide Class Recommendations
  • Design & Develop Proof of Use
  • Provide Domain Name List
  • Flat Rate, No Hourly Fees
  • Follow Up Communication
  • File Proof of Use
  • Avoid Filing Errors
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