Brand Identity

When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable.” – Meg Whitman

+ Brand Experience

As a current or new business owner, you need a rich visual identity that forces consumers to engage your brand.  We will create your brand identity to fortify what your product or service delivers.

Our responsibility is to create a brand experience that your target audience wants and expects before they even know what they want or expect.

Bionic Egg will help you establish a professional and cohesive brand identity that will distinguish your business from others like yours.

+ Color Approach

Color creates a feeling, brings up a memory, and fortifies your brand’s integrity.

We work with our clients closely to develop their brand’s absolute color pallet.  Bionic Egg’s goal in creating your color pallet is to tap into your target audience’s desired emotion, whether it is hope, trust, joy, pride, well-being, or pure nirvana.

+ Emotional Imagery

Creating a mood board of people, places and things is a must for keeping the integrity of your brand identity.

We like to present our clients with combinations of images representing their brand’s desired experience.  Clients often use these images for their print collateral and digital media.

We do our emotional visual research based on your brand’s DNA. You will be provided with an abundance of combined image concepts, then we work with you to fine-tune every image, giving your brand the desired persona it requires.

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