History of Bionic Egg

Celebrating 22+ years in the branding and web industry.

+ Established in 2001

Once upon a time, starting at MTV in 1999, Mark Johnson became so fed up with the dull, monotonous, copycat websites clogging the internet that he decided to launch his own branding and web design business. Well aware that good designers were few and far between, he aimed to forge an entirely new aesthetic for web design. His initial clientele came mainly from the worlds of fashion and photography, but he soon won clients from PR, hospitality, beauty, e-commerce, and many other fields.

Mark’s creations were more than pixels on a screen; they were organic digital life forms: the progeny of client and creator. So when he needed a vivid name to sum up the kinetic dynamism of his design work, one concept commanded his total attention: websites are born of a union between a nurturing mind and digital technology, in a kind of gestation. Eureka! In August 2001, BIONIC EGG was born.

+ 21 years in the making

22 years later, Bionic Egg is still evolving. The web industry advances at breakneck speeds, yet Bionic Egg has maintained their position at the forefront of design and branding innovation. Armed with their dynamic vision and intuition for coming trends, Bionic Egg seems to know the future of the digital space before it unfolds.

+ Mission

Bionic Egg, Branding and Web Design specialists, services a clientele that runs the gamut across industries and prestige. We have worked with clients as large as heavy hitter Procter & Gamble and as intimate as local NYC shops. Whether you are running a boutique business, launching a startup brand, or managing an established multibillion dollar company, we can expertly polish your presentation to the world.

+ Focus

Unparalleled Expertise Across Industries

Author / Books: Elevate literary works with our sleek and reader-friendly designs, catering to esteemed clients like Simon & Schuster and Life with My Sister Madonna.

Beauty / Health Products: Showcase the beauty of your products with visually stunning websites that capture attention, endorsed by brands like Honestly pHresh and Lavanila.

Film / Production: Immerse your audience in captivating digital experiences with websites tailored for renowned production houses such as Jigsaw Productions and Hot Snakes Media.

Celebrity / Music: Amplify your personal brand or entertainment ventures with websites that mirror your unique style, as experienced by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga.

Fashion / Style: Define your fashion identity online with cutting-edge designs, as witnessed in collaborations with Alden Shoes New York and Susan Bender New York, Voluspa Candles and more.

Real Estate: Present your properties in the best light possible through our sophisticated real estate websites, as seen with Douglas Elliman and Forza Vacation Homes.

Health / Medical: Communicate trust and professionalism with websites that cater to the healthcare sector, exemplified by clients like Limbic Medical and Sunset Cosmetic Surgery and more.

Mixed Industries: Our versatility shines through in catering to diverse sectors, from IAMS and XXI Wine & Spirits to service providers like The PPL Events, Executive Coaching and restaurants.

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