See. Susan Bender NYC

Susan Bender came to Bionic Egg after having difficulty with a few designers that did not quite “get it”.  Bionic Egg refined her long-standing branding with a cleaner sleeker look, without losing the identity she had worked so hard to create several years ago.

“Bionic Egg went above expectations and streamlined the entire process. The team provided additional feedback and support, quickly updating the site as needed. Mark was everything I could’ve wanted from a developer.”
– Susan Bender, President, Susan Bender Designs

When you put on a Susan Bender stretch leather jacket, it should feel like it was made just for you.

That feeling is exactly what inspires Susan Bender when she is designing her collection each season.

Each piece, both luxurious and comfortable, is designed to seamlessly blend into any wardrobe, elevating the wearer’s style. Made 100% in NYC.