See. Sorry About Last Night

Sorry About Last Night (the comedy duo of CORINNE FISHER & KRYSTYNA HUTCHINSON): Performing as a comedy duo since 2011, SORRY ABOUT LAST NIGHT is the brainchild of New York City-based stand-up comedians CORINNE FISHER & KRYSTYNA HUTCHINSON. Gritty, sexy, raunchy, silly and opinionated, FISHER and HUTCHINSON first started gaining local notoriety with their house party style live comedy shows at Gotham City Improv where they served jungle juice to packed theaters of twenty-somethings and provided them with a top-notch comedy show for a measly $6. Word of these shows spread quickly, forcing the show to move to larger venues (The PIT, then Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg) where the ladies welcomed well-known comedy and music names such as HANNIBAL BURESS, KEVIN MEANEY, KURT METZGER, BIG JAY OAKERSON & DAN BERN. In 2013, the girls wrote and performed in their first self-titled sketch show, directed by JON BERSHAD, that debuted at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. In addition to the success of their live shows, SORRY ABOUT LAST NIGHT has a huge internet presence: from music videos like “YOU DON’T LIVE HERE” to their web series “GIRLS ON GIRLS” (their weekly recap and review of HBO’S GIRLS). They are most known, however, for their wildly popular show GUYS WE FUCKED: THE ANTI SLUT-SHAMING PODCAST.