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Massena LAB was manifested from the desire to re-discover the craft of artisanal watchmaking in an age of saturated mass production, and aims to be a leader in producing rare, original timepieces. We take you back in time, back to the age of the artisan.

Massena LAB prides itself in conceiving, designing and developing timepieces with independent watchmakers who machine, craft, assemble, test and finish their timepieces. The assembly and regulating of the movements are carried out entirely by hand so that every Massena LAB timepiece meets the highest standards of precision and accuracy.

Not only are Massena LAB timepieces technically brilliant, but they are finely crafted pieces of functional art. Careful details like the movement finishing patterns, the thickness of the printing of the dial, and the precise length of the hands are the types of decorative details in which form follows function and, altogether, balance into a strikingly good looking and legible timepiece.