See. Guys We Fest

The event, entitled GUYS WE FEST, is set to encourage people to get off their phones and social media, pull out their earbuds, and put immediate good into the world through actions rather than retweets. GUYS WE FEST will happen in two parts – day and night — and is being organized and staffed completely by Corinne, Krystyna, and talented volunteers who listen to the podcast.

The day is a “flea market for philanthropy” featuring both fun and productive booths where festivalgoers can learn more about local charitable organizations, donate to causes, sign up for volunteer shifts, buy goods from female-owned businesses, and receive free on-the-spot mental health care and STI testing from medical professionals in the well-being tents. The morning festivities will conclude with a rare live recording of Guys We F*cked: The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast hosted by Ms. Fisher and Ms. Hutchinson with a surprise celebrity guest. The day portion is all ages.

The night is a comedy show and concert that will showcase some of the best entertainers working today. Headliners will be announced over the coming weeks. The night portion is 21+ and alcohol will be available for purchase.