See. Flawless Brow Design

Welcome to the new generation of permanent makeup.

Business owner Amy Levy has been a professional makeup artist in the UK and NYC for over ten years doing red carpets, London fashion week, production work, weddings, working with celebrities, high-profile private clientele as well as “everyday” women. Her ability to create the perfect brow for each face led to a couple of her clients urging her to look into doing semi-permanent makeup. She heeded their requests and apprenticed under Industry Pioneer Julie Zu in London before coming to NYC in 2012.

Amy is known for having a keen eye in bringing out the best in her client’s natural beauty without masking it. The most discriminating clients have found that they can trust Amy so she has gained a loyal following in London and New York. Her clientele includes public models such as news anchors, models, and everyday women who just want to look their best and save time every morning. Amy is known for being warm, down-to-earth and for being able to make her clients feel at ease. website