What we do.

Bionic Egg develops and implements branding strategies that maximize a client’s success on the Web. We give all of our clients a custom web design experience based on their specific financial and functional requirements. Each project begins with a clean slate and every element is cultivated through a collaborative process. This requires a certain chemistry with the client, and it’s for this reason that we don’t undertake every project that comes our way. The fit has to be right. We are as selective with our clientele as we are with our design.

With Bionic Egg, you absolutely get it all; cutting-edge web design showcasing a one-of-a-kind brand identity, inventive online marketing tactics that engage consumers across the globe, and maximum visibility through competitive search engine optimization. And these are the ingredients for your best possible Return on Investment (ROI). Enjoy watching your business and profit margins grow!

A website isn’t meant to be stagnant; it must be active and fluid, adapting to the ever-changing industry climate. Bionic Egg provides services that keep your company a step ahead of the competition, while attracting visitors, improving conversions, and bolstering business growth. And we achieve high-quality results affordably so that you can pursue your business goals unhindered.

+ Identity & Branding

Every business needs branding that packs a punch! A striking, enduring presence will make your company the “go-to” for customers again and again. And the most solid branding can make your company name synonymous with quality products or services. Bionic Egg can help you establish a brand identity that will secure your position in the industry and elevate your head and shoulders above the competition.

+ Brand Trademarking

Bionic Egg will trademark your new brand for your business, under your company, or your name, of course.  BE will save you $2,000+ in this process.  The trademarking process with the U.S. government takes about 4-6 months, from start to finish to get your brand’s ®.  BE gets your brand the right to use ™, within 1 week. We trademark your brand in-house, saving you the heavy cost of a lawyer.  There are a few design needs, to show proof of the brand ‘in-use’ and ‘use in commerce’, which lawyers will NOT provide to you.  Bionic Egg does ALL of the heavy-lifting for you.

+ Print Collateral Design

Bionic Egg provides high-quality, custom print materials to get your brand right in front of the eyes and into the hands of the consumer. We create logos, business cards, brochures, letterhead, and more to reinforce a visual stamp for your company. These items usually provide the first impression of a brand, and we understand how to make the most of that opportunity with a stylish display that is both cohesive and consistent.

+ Superior Website Design

Excellence in web design is the cornerstone of Bionic Egg’s mission. Our aesthetic is clean with minimal navigation and straightforward elements that guide the user’s focus exactly where you want it to go. Controlling the white space is crucial it decreases confusion or boredom, and keeps the user from flopping over to Facebook, which could cost you an impulse purchase from a potential customer. We know how to draw the eye and get more clicks. With our custom layouts, visitors will be caught under your digital spell. A comprehensive client consultation ensures we address all your project needs. Every aspect of the web experience is covered, from graphic design to social media integration to e-commerce features and everything in between.

+ Superior Responsive Development

Your website needs compelling content that grips consumers and incites them to action. Copy has to do more than simply fill white space; it has to jump from the page and slap the reader square across the jaw. Attaining that level of impact requires research. The target demographic must be thoughtfully analyzed to ensure the resulting content meets and even exceeds expectations. The best copy makes new users feel like old pals. Even the flashiest websites fall flat if the content is dull and unable to connect. From blog posts to marketing materials, Bionic Egg can help develop a voice that resonates and builds camaraderie with your target audience.

+ E-Commerce sites that increase your ROI

Bionic Egg is proud to be an e-commerce partner with 3dcart, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce,  & Open Cart.  Innovation is the driving force of our e-commerce partners, serving hundreds of thousands of online retail shops.

+ Product Photography

Product photography is arguably the most crucial element of any commercial website. Images can linger in the mind far longer than written words, and having impactful images that provide as realistic an interaction as possible is often the determining factor in customer persuasion. Our experienced photography team can deliver stunning, high-quality images that showcase your products in the best way possible, inspiring confidence in potential customers. We have the resources to achieve any desired style or vibe and the editing skills to tastefully enhance details and textures.

+ Custom Character Art

Incorporating custom character art a singular element that is exclusively representative of your business is a powerful tool that can further solidify your brand identity. The icing on your brand cake could be a cartoon cat in a bow tie. Whatever your vision, Bionic Egg will help you conceptualize the best way to convey your company’s purpose and perspective through art. Our talented, experienced artists can bring the concept to life in the most memorable way.

+ SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Once your brand and web presence is primed, it’s time to generate traffic to your new site. Our strategy will ensure consistently high rankings in organic search engine results, maximizing visibility and attracting (and retaining) new visitors. Through intensive keyword and market research, on-site optimization, internal and external link building, and other periodic analysis, Bionic Egg can help your site stand out and charge ahead of the crowd.